Tink's and her two daughters Cassie & Molly

When the three beautiful neddie’s arrived at Newbrook their feet were pretty shocking to say the least. Since then they have been through an awful lot, from lots of scans on their poor feet, to extensive dentistry work etc..

The three of them have surprised us all with just how well they are coping with everything they have had to deal with. Although sadly we cannot mend the permanent damage caused to the bone structure's in their feet they have however all shown great improvement's with their hooves and are now much more comfortable walking on hard surfaces.

Their behavioural issues are our next big focus Sadly due to such a long period of neglect they have habits and traits your average horse would never and should never have to experience. In this case they have awful separation anxiety.

These issues are not going to be fixed overnight sadly, but through persistence and tlc we hope to be able to make them much less wary of the world around them and more confident in themselves.

The overall prognosis is looking much better for these three beautiful ponies; we still have a very long way to go but we are taking each day as it comes.

Welfare work is something that Team Newbrook are incredibly passionate about.

We know being only a small family run business we are never going to come close to the incredible work achieved by the well-established rescue charites up & down the country.

However, as the saying goes “Saving just one horse will not change the world, but it will surely change the world for that one horse” and that is exactly what we are trying to do.

We firmly believe its not just about us helping heal what has already been damaged, its about being able to make sure people are properly educated in the first place. Educate them about what really is involved in owning and caring for a horse properly. Maybe that way, one day there will be less cases like this.

Below are just two examples of our work with welfare horses/ponies. This is something we do hope to be able to continue with in the future. 


Cleo came to Newbrook at the start of 2016 after she had sadly has been sold by unscrupulous dealers and then being sold from person to person and being passed off as a much younger horse. She was worked when really she should have been enjoying a loving, caring home where she could enjoy her later years in life.

Sadly the last place this beautiful mare ended up have also neglected her and sadly she has ended up in a sorry state. She received emergency veterinary treatment to give her some relief and calm the itching that was clearly causing her some significant distress and pain.

We then had to tackle the open sores and damaged skin caused by her over itching and continuous biting to try and relieve the intense discomfort.

The whole process was a very delicate operation as she was very sore however through gaining her trust we managed to do this without having to sedate her.

Her feet were also in a very poor state due to lack of regular trimming. However our incredible farrier was so patient and gentle with her and managed to handle her sore legs without the need for her to be sedated.

It's incredibly sad to see such a beautiful animal so scared of even having the very basic care and treatment done. She was so wide eyed and you could literally feel all her muscles tensing up. She was not being naughty at all just, genuinely terrified in case someone's going to hurt her.

Cleo’s teeth also required a lot of treatment and the kindest way to do this was to sedate her. We have such an amazing vet who stood giving her lots of fuss before the sedation and treatment so as to help relax her and gain her trust.

Our fantastic dentist was brilliant as always. Cleo's teeth had not been done for a seriously long time. Her teeth on either side of her mouth were completely different. One side was waved and the other was stepped. This would mean her chewing action would have been impaired and could have been causing her some significant discomfort for a very long time.

Our dentist did lots of work to correct the situation and cleaned out lots of compacted food from behind the teeth which had clearly been there for some time based on the horrific smell of rotting food.

The problems were not completely solved due to her not having had any proper dental work previously. However we continued to monitor how she chewed and grazed and followed this with regular appointments.

Cleo began to flourish at Newbrook and found great friends in Gracie & Stitch. She really came on in leaps and bounds in her short time with us and despite everything bad she had been through previously we gained her trust.

Sadly in October 2017 Cleo's arthritis finally took hold meaning she was unable to get around like she had been doing. Despite everyone's best efforts Cleo was put to sleep and out of pain.

​Cleo may not have been at Newbrook for as long as some of our old/injured neddies, but we hope she enjoyed her time with us as much as we enjoyed her being here. She will be greatly missed by everyone, especially by her loving herd.

Welfare Work

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